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MyFinancialbuddy believes

That everyone should be able to manage their own finances given the right tools.

Our aim

Is to empower everyone with that tools that will help them make informed decisions on how they would like to map their financial future from their current circumstances.


Create Personal Financial Goals and Plans in a few clicks.

Know your retirement needs and get professional advise.

Login to view all your insurance and investment portfolio.

Receive News and Tips on Investment, Financial Planning & Insurance.

Get professional advise from Insurance Coverage to Diversifying your Investments.

Useful tools to manage your Finances.x

One click to connect to Financial Adviser.

Analytics and Recommendations for both Users and Advisors

Receive alerts on things to do.

Organise you sales and keep track of your clients / team ( CRM Tailored for Financial Advisers / Organisation )

Effective Customer Management ( For Financial Advisers / Organisation )

Communicate with your customers conveniently ( For Financial Advisers / Organisation )


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